How To Start A Successful Online Preserved Rose Business

Preserved roses are all the rage right now, and for good reason! These gorgeous arrangements are made from 100% real, premium roses that have been delicately preserved to last a year or longer while remaining bright, soft and supple like the day they were picked. They're the perfect gift for any occasion, make stunning centerpieces and decorations, and are an everlasting reminder of the thoughtful gesture behind them. People love receiving and sending preserved roses!
Wondering how you can get a corner of the market? Here's how to start your own successful online preserved rose business (no store needed!)

Step 1 - Find A Supplier

This is priority one because you want to establish a relationship with a trusted and reputable wholesale preserved rose supplier. They should be able to guarantee consistent quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. They should carry a wide range of rose types, rose colors, and different sizes and styles of boxes so that you can offer a variety of arrangements at all price points to your customers. (Hint: You can find all of that and more right here at!)

Step 2 - Brand Yourself

One place it may make sense to splurge is on graphic design services. You want a memorable, compelling logo for your preserved rose business. You can also enlist the designer to create templates for social media graphics and your email marketing.
Next, develop the messaging for your business and future website. What sets your company apart? Why should someone buy from you and not another website? What unique selling proposition do you have - satisfaction guarantee? Free expedited shipping? More rose colors than other sellers?  

Step 3 - Build An E-Commerce Website

This isn't as hard as it sounds! There are countless free e-commerce website platforms that make building a website easy - even enjoyable - for beginners. While some platforms are truly free, they may have limitations on the number of products you can list or limited payment gateways. Others may offer tiered monthly plans that give you more features while allowing you to scale when ready. Still others may not have monthly fees, but charge fees for each transaction, usually around 3%.
Feeling overwhelmed? Don't fret! We love this article from WebsiteBuilderExpert that does a fantastic job breaking down some of the top e-commerce platforms with pros, cons, and costs.
The most important aspect of your website is that it's easy to use and features beautiful pictures of your preserved roses for sale.

Step 4 - Coordinate Shipping

As a small business owner you have many parcel carriers to choose from. Definitely shop around and find the best service for the best price. There are also third-party logistics companies that handle fulfilment on your behalf if you become overwhelmed. Some e-commerce websites, such as Shopify, even offer hefty discounts with certain carriers.
Like finding a wholesale preserved rose supplier, you want to build a relationship with a trusted carrier as preserved roses should not be exposed to heat and humidity, as may be the case with slow, ground shipping. 

Step 5 - Find Your Customers

If you build it, they will come, right? Not necessarily! You need to make potential customers aware of your new preserved rose business. Creating social media accounts is essential - especially Instagram because its image-heavy platform is perfect for featuring stunning photos of preserved roses. You can also use the built-in advertising capabilities of social platforms to show ads to your target audience. If you're spending money on ads, Google Ads is one of the most robust and flexible advertising platforms as it allows you to show ads across multiple places, and you only pay when someone clicks an ad.
Need more (free) inspiration? We love this article from Neil Patel, the authority on all things internet marketing. It has in-depth advice about keyword research, SEO, blog writing, and other ways to organically improve your site's visibility and increase traffic. 

Start Your Online Preserved Rose Business At

At, we take your business seriously. Our premium preserved roses are 100% REAL roses from the countries of Colombia and Ecuador, which are renowned for their rose export. We carry a wide range of head types and sizes, 23 rose colors to choose from, and a large selection of boxes ready to create your own custom arrangements. Not sure where to start? Contact us or give us a call at 917-684-7633!  


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