Yes! You Can Get Genuine Colombian Preserved Roses At Wholesale Prices

If you're starting a new preserved roses business, you've likely spent a lot of time sourcing genuine Colombian preserved roses at wholesale pricing. You know roses from Colombia and Ecuador are prized for their beauty and quality, but you've probably noticed that a lot of websites are really vague about their source -- and pricing. 

Not the case at Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses. We are committed to complete transparency! We invite you to learn more about the farm where our roses come from, and our wholesale pricing is listed right on our website for easy one-click ordering. 

Stop getting frustrated on other suppliers' websites. YES! You really can get genuine Colombian preserved roses at wholesale prices -- quickly, easily, and affordably. Here's why we're different.

See Our Transparent Pricing -- Front & Center!

We did the research when listing our Colombian preserved roses at wholesale pricing. We researched the competitors, compared our products, and committed ourselves to providing customers with the highest quality roses at competitive pricing. 

So we know how frustrating it is on a lot of their websites. Most do not list pricing at all, but instead force you to contact them for a quote. That's fine for bulk orders, but many of our customers just want a case or two. And we don't think you should have to jump through hoops for that!

Our pricing is transparent -- front and center on every product page.You have the benefit of buying a little, with our 6 packs for $18 for a limited time. Or you can buy a lot, with our cases of 144 for $399. Need even more? That's when we invite you to contact us for a custom quote for bulk pricing. 

Our simple, straightforward e-commerce website allows you to add packs of 6 or 144 preserved roses to your cart and checkout with ease. Create an account to make future orders a snap, or use express checkout with PayPal, Google Pay, or Shop Pay. We make it EASY to get genuine Colombian preserved roses at wholesale pricing delivered to your door, fast!  

Learn About Our Colombian Preserved Roses Farm

We welcome you to stop and smell the roses while you enjoy the views at our Ecuadorian and Colombian preserved rose farms! See firsthand where our roses come from and the dedicated horticulturists and workers that take so much pride in the roses they grow. 

There's a reason Colombian preserved roses at wholesale prices are so sought after. The equatorial climate, high altitude, and fertile soil of these countries create optimal growing conditions for roses, making roses grown here the most beautiful in the world. 

And because roses are one of the country's top exports, the high quantities they produce equates to lower pricing for suppliers, like Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses. In turn, we pass that savings along to you -- our customer. 

Experience The Bellissimo Difference

The preserved rose business is booming right now as consumers become aware of the benefits over fresh-cut roses that die within a week. Whether you're just starting a preserved roses business, or you want to supplement your existing product and service offerings with eternal roses, you know you have a lot to think of when choosing a wholesale preserved rose supplier.

If you're looking for the best price on genuine Colombian preserved roses at wholesale pricing, we invite you to experience the Bellissimo difference!


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