Are Preserved Roses Right For Your Business?

At, our goal is to support people who want to open their own preserved flower business by providing a wide variety of high-quality preserved roses. But you don't have to sell preserved roses exclusively. Many of our customers own other types of businesses, and use preserved roses as gifts or to increase revenue. 
Wondering if preserved roses are right for your business? Here are some ways to use them in different industries and some creative ideas straight from our customers.

Event Planners
Wedding planners and event managers love using preserved roses because they have so many colors to choose from. Preserved roses can be used as centerpieces, place settings, or parting gifts. They can also be used as bridesmaid gifts and to create lasting bridal bouquets. 
"As a wedding planner preserved flowers truly are the future of our business. I work closely with a local florist to create one-of-a-kind bridal bouquets that have brought brides to tears knowing they will last a year and look just as beautiful as the day she walked down the aisle. I've also used preserved rose arrangements as centerpieces and bridesmaid gifts and they never fail to absolutely blow away everyone that sees them!" 

Many retailers, such as jewelry stores, fragrance, cosmetic, and skincare stores have all been successful using preserved roses. Arrangements can be used as decor around the store, or as add-ons or free gifts with purchase.

"I own a high-end jewelry store and carry the 1, 5, and 12 piece acrylic boxes with drawers with pink or red roses. For large purchases, I give the 5 piece display as a free gift with purchase. Otherwise, customers have the option to purchase one, and they nearly always do as it's such a unique gift that goes so well with jewelry. And the drawer is the perfect spot to stash a ring or other piece of jewelry."

Hotels & Restaurants
Restaurants and hotels that use flowers as decor year-around have realized a significant cost savings by switching to preserved rose arrangements. They can also be used as add-ons and gifts to improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue.

"We keep single preserved roses from the Small Round Collection on hand to give to couples who make anniversary reservations. It's a small gesture that has had big results."

"We added three preserved rose arrangements to our hotel's online reservation system. If someone purchases one of the boxes, it is placed in their room prior to their arrival. It's had the intended effect of WOWING many guests! It's been a nice stream of extra revenue too!" 

Real Estate Agents 
Real estate agents use preserved rose arrangements to stage homes, display during open houses, and as gifts to their clients at closing or as a housewarming gift.

"I leave a huge cheery box of yellow preserved roses on the mantle or counter as a gift for all of my first-time homebuyers. They absolutely love it and it's such a wonderful surprise coming "home" for the first time."

Florists are known for creating beautiful fresh flower arrangements, but the trend toward giving preserved roses that last a year has inspired many florists to begin carrying them. Both online and brick and mortar florist shops that sell preserved roses have seen an increase in sales.

"My customers love that I can create custom arrangements that last so long. Buying wholesale preserved flowers lets me create completely unique and creative patterns that they can't get "out of the box" anywhere else."

So Are Preserved Roses A Good Addition To Your Business?
You be the judge! We love hearing all the interesting ways that businesses use our preserved roses - whether they're making a little extra money, or just putting huge smiles on their customers' faces. Want to learn more about buying wholesale preserved roses for your business? Contact at 917-684-7633 today.


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