What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are 100% real roses that were harvested at their peak bloom and preserved so that they last a year or longer.

How long do preserved roses last?

Our preserved roses last a year or longer. When properly stored, many customers have reported that they last 3 years.

How should preserved roses be stored?

Roses should be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. Ideal environment is 50% humidity and 64-72 degrees. Preserved roses should not be watered or refrigerated. For open displays, just an occasional light dusting is needed.

Do preserved roses smell?

No. Our preserved roses are unscented and untreated with fragrance. Do not spray your preserved roses with fragrance or use a mist diffuser near them.

Are preserved roses toxic?

No. We use an all-natural glycerin preservation formula and food-safe colorant.

What rose head should I choose?

We carry 7 different rose head types to meet all of your needs. The fuller the bloom, the fewer you need to fill a box. Patterns like numbers and letters have cleaner lines between colors when you use a tighter bloom. We are happy to discuss your arrangements to help you select the best rose head.

How many roses come in a case?

Each case contains 144 (12 dozen) preserved roses. The decorative display boxes are shipped empty and ready for you to fill with your own colors, patterns, and custom arrangements.

How many preserved roses do I need?

We carry 13 collections of decorative display boxes that can hold 1-80 preserved roses. You will need to calculate the number of roses needed based on the size and quantity of arrangements you want to make.

Large Square - Holds 49 roses
Medium Square - Holds 25 roses
Small Square - Holds 4 roses
Large Round - Holds 37-42 roses,
depending on bloom fullness
Medium Round - Holds 16-18 roses, depending on bloom fullness
Small Round - Holds 1 single rose
Large Heart - Holds 60-80 roses, depending on bloom fullness
Medium Heart - Holds 60-70 roses, depending on bloom fullness
Small Heart - Holds 35-40 roses, depending on bloom fullness
Acrylic Boxes with Drawer - Holds 1, 5, 12, or 25 roses

How many rose colors do you offer?

We currently carry 25 rose colors.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please call us for international shipping at 917-684-7633 or email info@preservedroses.us.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 7 days of delivery only if the roses are damaged or if a mistake was made by Preserved Roses.us.

How long does it take to get my order?

Orders ship the next business day after being placed. FedEx Ground shipping is standard and included. Faster shipping is available for an additional charge.

Can the boxes be printed with my logo?

Yes. Custom printed box orders require 3 months.

Do I have to have a preserved rose business to shop on PreservedRoses.us?

No! Many of our customers are florists, wedding planners, real estate professionals, retailers, hotels, and restaurants. They incorporate preserved roses into their business to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, or both!


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