Peach Preserved Roses

Peach Preserved Roses

Bellissimo Wholesale Peach Preserved Roses

144 Blooms Per Case

Peach preserved roses from Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses are a gorgeous, creamy shade that works well with many other colors and is the perfect pick for any occasion. Peach roses traditionally represent gratitude, sincerity, sweetness, and genuine intentions. It's the ideal gift for showing sympathy, gratitude, or letting someone know they're in your thoughts. Peach roses are a classic color that pairs well with many colors, such as cool blues, greens, and warm golds and metallics. Wholesale peach preserved roses come in cases of 144, and are available in seven different rose head types, including King, Premium, Extra, Standard, Medium, Mini, and Princess. 

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144 Pcs Per Case

Peach Preserved Roses

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