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About Us

About Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses

Welcome to your source for the highest-quality roses that last a year at wholesale prices in the USA! At Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses, our goal is to help business owners start or grow their own preserved rose business. We guarantee consistent quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing on our wholesale preserved flowers to help you provide the very best products and service to your customers. Our wholesale eternity flowers last a year or longer and require virtually no maintenance. When properly stored away from heat and humidity, our customers have reported that their preserved roses have lasted 3 years!

Are Wholesale Preserved Roses Right For Your Business?

You don't have to sell preserved roses exclusively to buy from us. Many of our customers are florists, wedding planners, real estate professionals, retailers, hotels, and restaurants. They take advantage of our preserved roses in a box at wholesale pricing to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, or both!

Our Products

We carry 7 different types of rose heads in varying heights and widths, ranging from the 2cm Princess rose to the 6cm King rose. Each case of wholesale flowers that last a year contains 144 roses.

Our wholesale preserved roses come in more than 35 different colors, from classic reds, pinks, and whites, to exotic blues, greens, purples, and rainbow. Each rose undergoes a delicate preservation process using an all-natural glycerin solution and food-safe colorant to lock in its soft, supple texture and ensure uniform coloring. We buy Colombian and Ecuadorian preserved roses at wholesale pricing to provide the best product for our customers at the best price. These countries are renowned for their rose exports and ability to deliver consistent quality roses year-round.

We have 13 collections of decorative boxes that can be purchased separately in order to create your own custom arrangements. The box collections have a wide range of sizes, holding 1-80 roses, allowing you to offer your customers a variety of arrangements at every price point. We offer classic paper boxes and luxury suede boxes in several colors, as well as transparent acrylic boxes with drawers.

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating stunning, one-of-a-kind preserved rose arrangements!

Start Your Preserved Rose Business At BellissimoRoses.Com

We want you to succeed! The preserved rose industry is booming right now, and we know you have many options when it comes to sourcing preserved roses at wholesale prices. Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses is the trusted, dependable supplier you've been looking for. We offer competitive pricing, a huge selection of eternity roses at wholesale pricing, more than 35 colors, and we've got your back with exceptional quality year-round and on-time delivery.

Learn more about How To Start Your Own Preserved Rose Business Online, and How To Buy Wholesale Preserved Roses Online.

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