How Are Wholesale Eternity Roses Preserved?

If you use eternity roses in your business, you are going to get a lot of questions about the preservation process. What type of solutions and chemicals are used, whether the preserved roses are toxic, and how long they will last. 

If you choose Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses as your wholesale eternity flowers supplier, you can tell your customers how your roses are preserved and answer all of their questions with confidence! 

Here's how our wholesale eternity roses are preserved.

Harvested At Peak Bloom

First, all of our roses are imported from Ecuador and Colombia - both countries that are known for their rose industries. Because of the countries' location on the equator, long hours of sun, cool nights, and fertile soil, their roses are among the best in the world. They also last longer - up to two weeks - than any other fresh rose. 

Our preserved roses are harvested from our Colombian and Ecuadorian rose farms at peak bloom and immediately sent to us. When we receive them they are still at peak health: full, vibrant, supple - and gorgeous!

Preserved In A Natural Glycerin Solution

We use a proprietary all-natural glycerin based solution to preserve our roses. The roses are submerged in the solution for several days until all of their natural moisture and sap is replaced by the preserving solution. Unlike drying, which causes browning, discoloration, and dry, brittle petals, preserving roses in a glycerin solution causes them to retain the same look and feel as the day they were picked. 

Our preserved roses will last at least a year, or longer. Open display boxes should be dusted occasionally, and preserved roses should always be kept out of direct sunlight and out of high humidity areas, like bathrooms. When properly maintained, many of our customers have enjoyed their preserved roses for up to three years! 

Dyed With Food-Grade Colorant

Continuing with our natural, non-toxic preservation process, we use only food-grade colorants to dye our preserved roses. The same colorants a baker would use to create an elaborately colored cake are the same type we use for our roses. This allows us to create exotic preserved rose colors like neon green, turquoise, dark blue, vibrant lilac, and metallic colors like gold, rose gold, copper, and silver. By using expert gradient dying techniques, we are also able to create many of the beautiful muted and ombre colors that are so popular today, such as vintage pink, gray, cherry blossom, and green tea.  

100% Non-Toxic

The preserving solution and food-grade colorants we use are completely non-toxic. While we would never recommend eating preserved roses, if a child or pet accidentally ingested one it would not cause harm. Likewise, in an effort to keep our preservation process as natural as possible, we do not spray or infuse our roses with artificial fragrance like other wholesale eternity rose suppliers do.

Build Your Preserved Rose Business With Confidence

When you choose Bellissimo as your wholesale eternity roses supplier, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the highest-quality, longest-lasting preserved roses to offer to your customers. Shop all of our wholesale eternity flowers online, or contact us to learn more about buying from us!


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