Why Choose Wholesale Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

Ecuadorian preserved roses are renowned worldwide for their exquisite quality and beauty. Not only is the country of Ecuador the third largest exporter of fresh flowers, but their long-lasting roses are uniquely suited for preserving. 

Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses sources only the highest quality wholesale Ecuadorian preserved roses for our customers. Here's why they are superior to other wholesale preserved roses.

Wholesale Ecuadorian Preserved Roses Are Bigger & Fuller

Ecuador is an equatorial country - meaning, it's situated directly on the Earth's equator, so the country gets 12 full hours of direct sunlight 365 days a year. Their days are not shortened by seasons changing and daylight savings time. Additionally, roses from Ecuador are farmed at high altitudes, so they get the cool night air necessary for maximum growth. 

The combination of extended hours of sun, cool air, and fertile soil results in rose blooms that are bigger, fuller, and all-around superior to other roses. Because Ecuadorian roses are so healthy, they last longer than other roses - as long as two weeks. 

Wholesale Ecuadorian Roses Are Perfect For Preserving

The longer lifespan is a huge advantage for Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses as it gives us ample time to ship the roses from Ecuador and complete the preservation process.

Ecuadorian preserved roses are handpicked and harvested when they are at their absolute peak bloom. When we receive them, the roses are still soft, supple, vibrant and full. We then soak the roses in a proprietary all-natural glycerin preserving solution. The solution replaces the natural sap and moisture in the roses, perfectly locking the rose in time and making it look and feel just like the day it was picked - for years to come!

Wholesale Ecuadorian Preserved Rose Farms Have Strict Quality Control

The people of Ecuador take their rose exports very seriously. The horticulturists, farmers, and workers have years of experience growing roses in the country's unique climate. Most farms grow several types of rose heads. For example, our most popular type of rose, our Premium Preserved Rose measures 5-6cm high from the base to the top of the rose, with a 6.5-8.5cm circumference. 

Premium Preserved Roses are the perfect size to fill any of our display boxes, but if there is even a slight variance in the size between the roses, the arrangement's symmetry or pattern will be off. Ecuador rose farms have very strict quality control to ensure each type of rose is picked at the right time and is consistent in size. Roses that do not fit our specifications are sorted and sold for use in bouquets and arrangements with other flowers where the size does not have to be exact. 

See our wholesale Ecuadorian preserved rose farm in action here!

Choose Ecuadorian Preserved Roses From Bellissimo

The wholesale preserved rose industry is booming, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a mediocre product. If you want to wow your customers and build brand loyalty, choose wholesale Ecuadorian preserved roses from Bellissimo Wholesale Preserved Roses. 

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